We’ve been in our “new place” a month and a half now and I have been taking some time to create order and make my place more homely. I’ve never setup a place so quickly! I think after not having my own place for three months made me eager to organise my life quickly. PS; this is what my office space used to look like.

When my house is well organised and looking it’s best I wake up in the morning feeling happier and more in control. I am pretty notorious for being a bit of a mess – I am creative after all, but I have been making a conscious effort to keep my place organised since we’ve moved in. Owning less things has truly helped with this.

When it comes to my home office I love for it to be well-designed, inspirational, and equipped for the work I am doing — it makes all the difference in the world. Since moving into my place I have been trying to create a less cluttered space – I’m talkin’ clean and minimal, here…with maybe a few plants thrown in. Of course the inevitable happens and every few days chaos happens when I have samples or deliveries for my job, but for the most part I have kept it like the below. And if it’s not, then that door is definitely closed – HA!

I hope you like the sneaky peek into what my home looks like.


Here are my five tips for sprucing up your home office…

Create a light and airy color palette: Keeping it light and airy makes a world of difference. It makes things feel calm and everything flows.

Invest in a stylish, supportive chair: I have always used a clunky black chair – you know the typical black material one with three wheels? It was old and I updated it with this one from West Elm when we moved into our place. The new one makes things feel less office-like. It’s super comfortable and it still spins (winning!!). The great thing about this one is I can also use it as an extra chair for when visitors come over!

Update your artwork: Artwork adds instant sophistication and it’s the easiest way to breathe new air into a space. I’m in the process of getting some new prints! I also like displaying items such as books, plants, candles, glass shadow boxes and magazines – but not in a cluttered way.

Move it to natural light: When I’m working in front of a computer for hours, window light is an absolute must, otherwise I get sluggish and tired!

I also suggest adding a mirror to reflect the natural light – I went Pinterest crazy the other month trying to track-down the best leaning mirror and finally found one!! I picked this one up a month ago. You’ve probably seen me feature this a lot on stories!

I also find that glass desks instantly make a space more open as light can filter through.

Add some plants: This is a non-negotiable for me. I must have plants around as it makes my area feel fresh and lively. Try not to kill them like I always do #brownthumb

Ps; West Elm have a sale on at the moment!





Author: Ally Carey

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