Today’s list consists of new links I have saved for you over the last fortnight.



1/ I don’t know if it’s because of the heat or because I have had a lot on my mind this past week, but I haven’t been sleeping that well. I’ve been sleeping super light and waking up at odd hours.

This link helped me; it’s how to trick your body into thinking it’s had more sleep than it actually has had.

2/ I’m in my late 20s now and I have been thinking / ponding the stages of life at the moment. It’s funny how quickly the years seem to go at the moment. I have blinked and we’re in mid November – where has 2017 gone?

I guess this list goes without saying, but it’s a nice reminder to live in the now and not live a life filled with regrets. Make decisions you know your future self will be proud of. I can definitely take some of this advice on board.

3/ I’ve had the conversation with a few friends about ethically sourced diamonds lately and I found this article this week.

It explains why ethically sourced diamonds really do matter

4/ I always love finding new food websites and this one take the, uh, cake.

So many delicious recipes to dive head first into

5/ I am about to start watching Sinners soon

It’s a new Netflix series and it’s meant to be really, really good.

6/ I haven’t ever traveled solo, but I have been thinking it may be something good for me at the moment.

I was researching the best places to go solo and I stumbled across this fantastic article by Be My Travel Muse.

Images; Finnland Tumblr

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