Today’s edition of links I am loving. Is there any interesting things you have read or seen this week? Feast your eyes on the below!



A few women-centric shows to binge on
…because who doesn’t love a Netflix marathon?

Each moment is fleeting and unique…put your phone down
This article really resonated with me

Documentaries are life – here are some I am going to watch through asap
I have seen quite a few of these, but they are always worth a re-watch as well.

These 24 images of hobo’s are absolutely fascinating.
Remember when you were little and you first learn of what a bindle is from cartoons – ie; a stick and cloth a “hobo” would carry? What a funny word. It is actually a term that came about around the conclusion of the American Civil War, and was used to describe the countless, now homeless, veterans traveling from coast to coast in search of work.

Medieval London was a hotbed of violence and brutality
An interesting piece…

Us as women are constantly met with the topic of body image and ways to discuss it in a positive light. Refinery have just posted an amazing article celebrating women around the world.
I love that women around the world are making serious moves toward self-love <3

The Sprouted Kitchen; because yum.
My plan for September is to get back on track with my health. I have been so rundown this past fortnight and I need to begin training and eating right again. Here is one of my favourite sites for all food inspo.

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