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#3 Links I Am Loving Instead Of Scrolling Instagram Aimlessly

This week: A place from the Swisse Alps like something out of a Fairy Tale, a little bit about modern voracity for trend culture and a great culinary website just to name a few!


Here’s the round up for the week! Feast your eyes, read and delve into a few articles I have found interesting over the week!

I love food and I love cooking
Bon Appétit is a magazine and has everything from recipes, to interviews, to great thought pieces.

Women are the future and I love seeing women concur the male domain.
Bianca Valenti is a San Francisco based big wave surfer and she is UNREAL.

I love learning about the body and how it all works together
Is muscle memory a real thing? This article delves into the specifics.

I am absolutely BLOWN away by this beautiful place in the Swiss Alps. It’s like something out of a fairy tale and I didn’t realise it existed until now.
A must watch!

Harry Potter clothing line – if you know me – you would know I am a HUGE Potter fan!
Even thought Hufflepuff isn’t my jam, I need that tee!

Because I LOVE t-shirts, I found this piece interesting about the history of the slogan Tee.

Ever wonder where the modern voracity for trend culture really developed? Read this!
Fun fact H&M, for example, was established in 1947.

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