Today I thought I would share some links I have read over the last week – I hope you find them interesting. Today is the second article of this series  – I really love sharing links of substance. Like I mentioned in first of the series, I hope we can all consume something a little deeper and learn as a result.

The best combination of nature and street art that shake up the dull urban environments
My two favourite things combined.

One of the most important things you can do, is know yourself
This article is great for anyone who wants to learn how to be a little more self aware.

I often tell my friends how important it is to express yourself creatively
This article is suuuper interestin. It delves into why being creative is an important part of unlocking your brain’s full potential.

Well, does it work?
A thought piece on social activism and does it, in fact, work.

I have been wanting to learn a language lately. I’m all for trying new things.
This article breaks it down for you. So, if like me, you’re wanting to learn something new, give this one a read!

Because I always get confused with skincare, I thought you may too.
Maybe I am alone. Anyhoo, this is good for the gals that want to know if you’re doing it right.

Ever wonder when the happiest time of your life would / will be?
According to scientists, there are two ages you feel most happy, which is pretty crazy to think. And they are decades apart!

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